Saturday, January 11, 2014


I like Weird Al Yankovic, having said that, UHF is not a very good film and I'm being generous when I say "not very good", it's really terrible with only one bright spot in the whole movie. How a comic genius like Yankovic could have made such a disaster of a film is beyond me.

Weird Al plays a dreamer who can't hold a job, until one day his Uncle wins a nearly bankrupt UHF channel in a poker game and turns it over to Weird Al to run. Weird Al's attempts at saving the station aren't going so well until he turns his kid show "Uncle Nutzy's Clubhouse" over to his half-wit janitor Stanley, played as a stupider version of Kramer by Michael Richards. Stanley's child like demeanor is a hit with the audience and the program is renamed "Stanley Spadowski's Clubhouse. With the renewed interest in the station and the revenue Stanley's show is bringing in, Al is able to create more shows and soon his UHF station is outranking the local network affiliate, which is owned by R.J. Fletcher, played by Kevin McCarthy. Fletcher makes plans to put Al's channel out of business, but by the end of the film Fletcher is the one out of business and Weird Al has the number one station in town.

Al's daydreams and his shows at the station allow the movie to parody TV, movies, and commercials. The problem was nothing was funny, or even mildly amusing,  with the exception of the video for "Money For Nothing/Beverly Hillbillies Theme", which was so superior to anything else in the movie it made me realize I would have been better off watching a Weird Al video collection, rather than wasting 97 minutes of my life viewing UHF.

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