Thursday, October 28, 2010


I came for Johnny Legend and stayed just to see how crazy Randy Quaid could really get....and that's just in this movie, we won't even talk about how crazy he can get in real life. Bug Buster is a throwback to those old 60s B horror movie plots about man creating something which causes a mutation in nature. In Bug Buster, it's pesticides that cause bugs to mutate and become dangerous. I really wasn't expecting much from the movie, but due to a great cast, which included two Star Trek members, James Doohan as the small town sheriff and George Takei as the crazed scientist who tries to warn about the dangers of the pesticides, and a sharply written and directed movie, Bug Buster turned out to be an enjoyable hour and a half.

Which was a good thing, considering I rented
Bug Buster to see Johnny Legend and he gets killed sometime before the thirty minute mark in the movie. Johnny Legend has one small walk-through scene and then we don't see him again until he is on stage as part of the duo Trailer Park Trash, along with Melba Toast. Johnny sings the lead on his self-penned tune "I Itch (Like a Son of A Bitch) " and Melba sings the lead on the country weeper, "Love Me Wrong". Unfortunately, Johnny dies before the second song is finished.

I' m going to pass
Bug Buster on to T.L. Bugg, The Master when it comes to discussing cult, horror and exploitation movies, for a more in-depth review in the future, so keep a watch on his site. In case you're wondering how crazy I thought Randy Quaid got in Bug Buster, just imagine it in your mind, then turn the dial to 11!

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