Sunday, May 19, 2013


Beach Ball riding on the coattails of the AIP Beach Party series of films holds its on as a decent flick in the genre. Simple plot (even if it doesn't make a lot of sense), girls in bikinis, some light humor, auto racing, skydiving, scuba diving, surfing, and a custom car show, coupled with appearance by some of the top music acts of the era makes for an enjoyable viewing. 

Edd Byrnes (Kookie) writes songs and manages a group named The Wiggles. They've got rented instruments and are being hounded for payment. If they can just win a local talent contest they'll have the money to buy their instruments. Edd and the group come up with a plan to get grants for college and then use the money to pay for their instruments. When four nerdy girls (who are in charge of the funds) find out the boys (well they're probably in their 30s) are not really going to use the money for college they tear up the check. Then, as it can only happen in the movies, the nerdy girls take off their glasses and go to the beach to teach the guys a lesson. Of course the guys don't recognize them (must be like when Clark Kent takes off his glasses, no one can recognize he's Superman). Anyway, the girls try to convince the boys to go back to school and since there are four girls and four guys, need I mention love develops for all. Of course, something happens to split the love birds up, but holding true with the world of beach party films, everyone reunites for a happy ending.

The music for the most part is good. The Supremes appear at the car show and I thought they were weak on singing the title theme "Come to the Beach Ball with Me", which just didn't fit with their sound and they appeared to be uncomfortable singing. On the other hand, they did a great job with their other performance"Surfer Boy". Both of these songs were written by Motown's Holland/Dozier/Holland. The Walker Brothers also perform at the car show and cut loose on "Doin' The Jerk". The Four Seasons, all suited up like they're in New Jersey instead of at a beach club sing their 1964 hit "Dawn (Go Away)". The Hondells sing Brian Wilson's "My Buddy Seat" and the Righteous Brothers, who for some odd reason just happen to be hanging out at the guys house, do a great job with "Baby What You Want Me to Do".

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