Monday, May 20, 2013


How To Make A Monster is a follow up to I Was A Teenage Werewolf and I Was A Teenage Frankenstein. Oddly, the film is in black and white until near the end which is in color. This was an American International Picture set at the fictional American International Studios. The plot revolves around a master make-up artist who is being terminated because the studio has decided monsters are out and comedies and musicals are what the audience wants. The make-up artist gets his revenge by sending "his" monsters to kill the studio executives. 

The studio executives take the make-up artist to see one of their scenes from an upcoming film. Turns out it's John Ashley (I swear, I've seen this man in movies from the 50s to the 70s and he never seems to age), who is a pretty good singer. He performs "You Gotta Have Ee-Ooo", which sounds like a song right off an Elvis movie soundtrack.

While there wasn't a lot of music in the movie, How To Make A Monster turned out to be a pretty decent flick. The story was pretty good and the make-up artist, Robert H. Harris, who is mainly known as a character actor, really did a good job of slowly becoming more and more psychotic as the movie progressed. I'm sure it was cheap to make, since AIP was basically recycling their monsters from the previous two movies and could use their own studio for sets, but, Hey! Warner Brothers did it with their monsters so there's no reason cheapo studio AIP shouldn't have done it also.

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