Thursday, May 30, 2013


The Hire was a series of short films (around 10 minutes each) that BMW released on the internet in 2001 and 2002 for promotion of their autos. Each film was helmed by a famous director and each film starred different people with one exception: Clive Owen was "The Driver" in all the films. They later released the films on a dvd which was available for a short time at some dealerships. While all 8 films are well worth watching two of the films feature musicians.

Beat The Devil was directed by Tony Scott and stars James Brown. James has hired The Driver to take him to Las Vegas, so he can renegotiate a deal he made with The Devil (Gary Oldman). It seems James made a deal with The Devil for fame and fortune, but now that he has gotten old and can't do splits anymore, he doesn't think the deal is fair. James bets his driver's soul in a race against The Devil and his henchman (Danny Trejo). James Brown and Gary Oldman are both hilarious in this short film. There's a surprise appearance by another musician at the end of the film. (Beat The Devil is available on youtube). I get a real kick out of Beat The Devil no matter how many times I watch it.

Star was directed by Guy Ritchie and stars Madonna as the bitchiest star imaginable. Unbeknownst to Madonna, her manager has hired The Driver to give her the ride of her lifetime, tossing her all about the car and unceremoniously dumping her onto the sidewalk at the end. This short film is also hilarious and just like Beat The Devil, I can't help laughing out loud each time I watch it. (Star is also available on youtube).

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