Monday, January 9, 2012


The poster pretty much gives you the plot "When Guys and Gals Rent The Same Beach House, It's
Wild On The Beach". Lee Sullivan (Sherry Jackson) inherits a beach house from her late uncle. She plans to make it into off campus female housing for students at the local college. She will also use the rent money to finance her own education. When she arrives at the house she finds Adam Miller (Frankie Randall) has the same idea, but he's planning to use the house for male housing. He claims her late uncle gave him permission before he died. They knock heads, but a romance develops between the twosome. (shades of Annette and Frankie...but believe me this duo is NO Annette and Frankie)

Wild On The Beach
was filmed in black and white and just barely falls into the 1960s series of "beach party movies". I say "barely falls into", since the beach in the title refers to a beach the actors only walk on....there's NO swimming and NO swimsuits involved in this production for the gals or guys. There are some stock and background shots of surfers, but these shots have nothing to do with the actors or the plot.

Frankie Randall sings two songs: "The House on the Beach" and "The Gods of Love". These two songs are merely okay. Randall did go on to better things, appearing on the Dean Martin Show and even hosted Dino's summer show a few times. Cindy Malone fairs much better with a really great 60s female tune "Run Away From Him" and Jackie and Gayle do a nice smooth song called "Winter Nocturne"

The Astronauts have four songs in Wild On The Beach: "Rock This World", "Little Speedy Gonzalez" (which probably wouldn't past muster in a film now and be deemed racist), "Pyramid Stomp", and "Snap It". Sandy Nelson pops in for one performance: "Drum Dance".

Wild On The Beach isn't bad, it's just not very good. The only reason I would recommend this movie (unless you just like lame comedy and predictable plots) is the appearance of Sonny and Cher backed by The Astronauts singing the song "It's Gonna Rain". They really tear into this song and it's a little different than what you normally hear from the great pop duo. The only other saving grace of Wild On The Beach is the unintentional humor of watching white boys dance.

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