Sunday, May 26, 2013


Chandell aka Fingers (Liberace) and his twin brother Harry (Liberace) are both criminals. Chandell is also a famous pianist. When Chandell hurts his hands and uses a player piano in a concert at The White House his brother finds out and blackmails him. Chandell comes up with a plan to kill Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson and then marry Aunt Harriet and use her money to pay off Harry, after which Chandell decides he will have enough money to go straight.

These two episodes of Batman (The Devil's Fingers and The Dead Ringers) were the highest rated out of all the tv episodes of Batman. The name Chandell was used as a play on Liberace's famous chandeliers. Liberace supplied his own costumes plus provided his own grand piano for filming of the episodes. Instead of having three henchmen, Chandell had three henchwomen - Doe, Rae, and Mimi. As you can see from the above photo Doe would be a pretty good double for Naomi Judd.

I really enjoyed both these episodes and Liberace was a real hoot as the villain, but what I enjoyed most was Liberace's portrayal of Harry, the twin brother. During these scenes, Liberace tried to talk tough like he was in an old gangster movie and the results were quite amusing. They can make all the Batman movies they want, and regardless of how good they are, the TV series, with episodes like these, will always be tops in my book.

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