Monday, July 22, 2013


Suck is about a bar band that's going nowhere, until one of the members gets turned into a vampire. The audiences start getting bigger, mainly because they're curious to see a band with a vampire. The rest of the band members decide to also get turned into vampires. This results in the band becoming a huge hit all across the country.

The musicians in Suck all play supporting roles. Alice Cooper plays a bartender and has another surprise part at the end of the film; Iggy Pop is a famous record producer; Henry Rollins (wearing a wig) is radio host Rockin' Roger; Dimitri Coats of the bands Burning Bridges and Off is the vampire who turns the first band member into a vamp; Moby appears as the lead singer of a heavy metal band, Secretaries of Steak; and Alex Lifesong of Rush plays an American customs/border crossing agent. All but two of these musicians are eventually killed by one of the vampire band members, but I won't spoil the movie and reveal who lives and who dies. Non-musician Malcolm McDowell, who plays Eddie Van Helsing (a vampire hunter who's afraid of the dark), rues the fact during the final credits that he didn't get to sing.

I went into Suck expecting little or nothing much from the film. To my delight I found a very light-hearted spoof of the music business with many deft comedy touches.There's a lot of sly musical references throughout the movie and even three scenes which recreate famous album covers. Topping off the fun is Dave Foley (as the band's manager, who advises the band that they need to fire their manager), who made me laugh out loud in several of his scenes. I did think the ending was a little weak while I was viewing the movie, but looking back, now I think the ending fit perfectly. If you're looking for a good horror/comedy, I would recommend checking out Suck.

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