Sunday, October 3, 2010


While Aidan Quinn was no where near pretty enough to portray Paul McCartney and Jared Harris' red tinged beard was disconcerting at times, they both did a great job of portraying their respective subjects in
Two Of Us. This disclaimer is placed at the start of the movie: "This fictional film is not endorsed by any person depicted herein and neither such persons nor their families, heirs or related parties have participated in the making of this film. Legend has it that in 1976 - six years after the bitter breakup of The Beatles - Paul McCartney paid a surprise visit to John Lennon at his apartment in New York City. This film makes no attempt to document what may have occurred at such a meeting. Rather, it is a work of fiction in appreciation of two blokes from Liverpool, and the gifts they gave us." If this disclaimer had been placed at the end of the movie, it would have allowed the viewer to fantasize what was being shown was the truth, instead of immediately letting you know what you were about to see had very little basis in fact.

As soon as I read the disclaimer, I
thought this just sounds like a piece of fan fiction and upon further investigation I found the following notation "the screenplay was written by longtime Beatles fan and Beatlefest attendee, Mark Stanfield." I give props to the writer, the director, and the actors, because what is basically two guys talking at each other for ninety minutes with fabricated dialogue was still able to hold my attention. This is due to the facts that both the characterizations and dialogue rang true. The only minus point to Two Of Us is that it doesn't contain any Beatles songs since the producers couldn't get clearance rights. Instead we hear Peter Frampton on the radio, John and Paul singing Tumbling Tumbleweeds together at a piano, Blue Suede Shoes playing in the background in one scene, and a reggae band in Central Park doing a version of Sh-Boom.

There are a couple of clips from the movie on youtube, but I couldn't find a trailer. Instead I'm including The Beatles song that is the namesake of
Two Of Us.

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