Monday, July 15, 2013


Your Cheatin' Heart was an entertaining but not very factual movie about Hank Sr. and The Last Ride was a terrible movie that turned Hank Sr.'s last 48 hours into a buddy/road movie. An Evening With Hank Williams, Sr. strives and succeeds in giving you an inside look at the famous entertainer.

As you can see from the photo on the box above, Jim Owen doesn't look that much like Hank Williams, but once he's in character, he's very believable as Hank. His voice and mannerisms really make you believe you are getting a close-up, personal look at one of the most important figures in Country Music. 

An Evening With Hank Williams, Sr. is a one man show with Jim Owen presenting the life of Hank Sr. through a series of stories and songs. It's a great overview of the life of the the Country Music legend and I think it's something any casual or serious fan of Hank Sr. would enjoy.

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