Sunday, May 5, 2013


One Trick Pony stars Paul Simon (who also wrote the film) as a musician with one hit song behind him (thus the title) and his struggles as a working musician coping with a divorce, his life on the road, and trying to get another hit record (with Lou Reed as his producer). A huge majority of the movie is taken up with Paul Simon and his band either performing on stage or with Simon driving or walking somewhere while one of his songs plays in the background.

The B-52's appear in an early scene doing "Rock Lobster". They're the headliners with Simon and his band as their opening act. Later in One Trick Pony, Simon is appearing in a salute to the 60s concert which includes Sam and Dave performing "Soul Man" and what I thought was a real treat, the original Lovin' Spoonful reunited and singing "Do You Believe In Magic?". Also, Tiny Tim appears backstage warming up for the show.

If you like Paul Simon, you're really going to enjoy this movie, if you don't like Simon, you'll find One Trick Pony excruciating. However, since I neither like nor dislike Simon, I'm sort of middle of the road on this one. Everyone's acting was okay, even Paul Simon's. The story, what there was of it, was okay; and Simon's music was okay. And that pretty much sums up the whole movie for me, it was just okay. If you do decide to watch One Trick Pony, be on the lookout for two odd appearances: Daniel Stern as a Hare Krishna and  Mare Winningham in a nude scene.

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