Monday, July 1, 2013


As I started to watch How To Stuff A Wild Bikini, all I could think was: Is it possible to get physically sick watching a "Beach Party Movie"? I don't know if it was the sight of John Ashley carrying an electric guitar around the beach, which he obviously wasn't playing, OR if it was when the whole cast jumped in and sang along with him (a trend which continued for the whole film). All I know is, my stomach was saying "I can't take too much of this".

What a shame since there was a great opening claymation title sequence by Art Clokely (creator of Gumby) which made it looked like this was going to be another light romp with the Beach Party Gang.  After I accepted that this was not going to a fun hour and a half, my nausea abated and just turned into a dull headache. All the songs in the film, with just a couple of exceptions, are incorporated like a standard musical into the storyline....and I should mention listening to these songs sucked the life right out of me. The only reason, and I mean THE ONLY REASON, to watch this movie is to see The Kingsmen perform "Give Her Lovin", since this is their only big screen appearance. Annette also sings two songs in the film "The Perfect Boy" and "Better Be Ready".

One major thing (amongst many, many, many minor things) wrong with How To Stuff A Wild Bikini was casting Frankie Avalon in a bit part. My understanding is he asked for more money and was cut to only a supporting role as punishment. Trying to replace Frankie with Dwayne Hickman (a nice enough guy) was a good try, but it just makes you realize how great Annette and Frankie were when paired together. There just wasn't the same chemistry between Annette and Dwayne. 

One final note: There has been some confusion about Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys being in this film. While there is a Brian Wilson in the movie, he is NOT Beach Boy Brian Wilson, but rather an heir of the Wilson Leather Company. 

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